Community Feedback for Reading Circles

How can we improve our Reading Circles? 

Please write at least 100 words.

Please post your suggestions below:

This is your chance to help make the Reading Circles better for you and your group mates; What can we do differently in class? What can we do differently on our website Reading Circles pages?
(Reading Circle Leaders for next week: Please look at your group members’ opinions and use these suggestions when making decisions about your groups’ activities)

22 thoughts on “Community Feedback for Reading Circles

  1. In my opinion I think reading circles are good enough, but maybe if we will add video to make it easier to understand that would be perfect. Everybody doing a great job I enjoyed a lot with the reading circles and now I know more information about a lot of things. It something good to study and learn new things about our life at the same time,

  2. Personally, I enjoyed the Reading Circle in my class because I can know new information by the reading circle. Also, I think that we catch up new idea and opinion that I didn’t have from all this time, in this reading circle.
    Addition to, I just feel to be hard because the article and content on the text deal with big social issues in the now. So, I think the article, whose you like the entertainment’ actor, fashion, food, magazine, and e.t.c., are also good!! I want to common the information that guys are interested in.

  3. I think Reading Circle is good discussion. I can get new knowledge, information, and vocabulary.If it needs more activity, I want to discuss more because discussion is good practice for level up speaking and conversation.

  4. Reading Circle activity is good for me because I can get new knowledge and practice for reading. I think Reading Circle readers should choose an article in which he or she is interested. If they are not interested in the topic of article, it will be difficult to make good discussion questions.

  5. I love Reading Circle. I really enjoy it because it can improve our conversation skill. Its relax. We can talk about anything. Its not only can make us improve conversation skill also we can practice how to make discuss question. I love Reading Circle because my Reading Circle chose interesting article.

  6. Reading circle is interesting for me because we can get information from various fields we do not know. Other websites are also helpful such as video or other articles to deepen our understanding. Besides, if I am a leader, I have to understand more than other members and act as a moderator. It is hard work but useful for us. Of course, reading circle leaders must comprehend content of a article clearly but we have to do as well as them. Moreover if we can make interesting questions, a discussion in class will be more animated and we all will enjoy reading circle.

  7. In class, I’d like to share other opinions of other groups. We can know some interesting topics from others, so it would be fun. And also I think Reading Circles Reader should bring something visible sources. I mean something that we can watch or listen. That will help us understand more. And it will make us interested.
    I want to know as soon as member post something on our page…so we can contact with members! But only Rick can do that kind of thing…so I don’t know my idea can come true or not.

  8. I think Reading Circles are good. I would like you to choose interesting topics or something because when I was a leader, it was little confusing. However, I enjoy it because Each classmate has different topic and opinion. I think posting video on the reading circle page is good for us to understand more about the article which the leader post.

  9. Reading circle leaders worked very well so far. To make this circle better, I think participants should know what are discussion questions the other members made before class. If participants know them, I think discussion would go better. Participants can prepare for discussion to get vocabulary relating to what they want to talk about. Being a reading circle leader is hard because it is not usual in daily life, so I just can suggest that each participants should be a good follower to help their leaders. It is important for group works to cooperate with each other to make the circle better.

  10. I like reading circle too. We could shared each opinion and got new information. However, one topic discussed three days. It was boring. I think one topic one day which is enough. Or some discuss different way. Like one topic discuss one day and next day, changed group and discuss same topic.

  11. I like reading circle work:) We have different group every week and we can disscuss about topic. I think that if we have interestiog topic, reading circles is very fun. We can enjoy reading and disccuss about topic and we think more deeply. However, If the topic is very boring or hard to discuss, it is not good. I think we should choose interesting article and easy to discuss.

  12. I like reading circle. The member changes every week, so I enjoy listening to different opinions from different persons. I was a leader this week. Everyone post questions and answered other members’ questions, so I think it was successful. I think topic of the article is really important. My topic was about romance and communication. I guess it was not a difficult topic to discuss because everyone expressed their opinions well. I think leaders should pay a lot of attention when they choose some articles. The topic should be easy and interesting. If not, we cannnot have a good discussion, I think. Also, members should post quesions in time. Participation is really important. If they don’t obey this rule, the reading circle is not successful because they don’t have questions to discuss.

  13. Our reading circle had a good discussion. Our topic was “plastic surgery” which Sayo had chosen. Because I had an opportunity to listen to our reading group member’s thought, I think that this activity is very helpful. And, this article was not too hard and easy for me. It was very interesting. But if I can give a suggestion, I think that everyone should say their own idea and discuss although our group could do that. And, I hope the other groups too. RC readers should choose the interesting topics that make us be interested in the articles, although it is a little difficult to find these.

  14. I was a leader of the first week. then i felt strong stress because reading circle leaders have big responsibility. however, it was really good opportunity for me because i realized group members supported me every time both on website and in class discussion, and their participation gave me confidence as a leader. in the second week, i experienced i was a just group member for the first time. i was really relaxed last week because the work was not as much as the leaders’ one. i thought, however, group members’ attitude is very important as well as leaders hard work. sometimes, other members used their own cellphones and they did not pay attention to their leader’s talking. it was not good. we can say the lack of attention of members is leader’s responsibility. it is true. perhaps, the topics are boring for them. however, members have important responsibility to success reading circle, i think. all students should make great effort to make reading circle better.

  15. Not one topic. If we have one topic, we can find the similar topics. As we read other articles, not only our background knowledge is improved, but also we can be more enjoyable from many articles. In my case, I chose the one topic and I found another topic related with my main topic. Our members were happy and enjoyed. In conclusion, if we want to have a fun for discussion, we have to use the another background article except main topic. I recommand that the leader look up the another topic from his/her own country. In my case, I am from Korea and almost all member are from Japan. I want to know many things from Japan, or other countries.

  16. This week, I was a leader and I chose an article about smartphone application LINE. I tried to find an article which is familiar to us then I chose that one. However, one of my group member and Rick don’t use LINE, so I realized that LINE is mostly popular in Japan. Moreover, most of the American use Facebook, Korean use Kakao Talk, and Japanese use LINE. That was interesting for me and I was really glad that Rick started to use LINE. So I hope the article I chose was interesting for other members. I think hardest part of this activity is choosing an article.

  17. I like reading circle, because I have different topic every week. Reading circle readers choose very interesting topic, and I feel to search for same topic. Therefor, when I chose topic, it was difficult for me. I considered about the topic, because topic should be interested in reading circle members. If the topic is not interesting, members will get boring. However, every topic is interesting for me. I know new information and vocabulary. Also, when we discuss topic, we can know the culture of other countries.

  18. I think the reading circle activities is getting better. The article that reading circle reader chose was not hard for me, also it was interesting. Then I thought it is important that we should choose the article which is interesting one. If it is not interesting for us, we don’t want to read and discuss. Thus we should choose article which is not only not so hard but also interesting for us. In addition, I thought we need more time for reading circle in a class.

  19. I think reading circle is good enough and important to learn English. Last week, I was reading circle reader, but I couldn’t prepare well and catch member’s interest. I thought I had to learn and search more about the topic which I chose. In addition, I had to introduce about the topic to members clearly. As well as searching good topic for reading circle, to speak as a reader was difficult for me. But through doing reading circle, I can learn how to speak as a member and as a reader, so it helps me to improve my English skills very well.

  20. Reading circle is good to learning English. A leader should find a good article. In the reason, the leader try to search and read a lot of article. On the other hand, member just read but they make some good question. When I make a question, I think a lot of thing for good question. It’s very good practice because when I read a article of test, I can guess what kind question would be made. However, If there were a simple presentation which is about group reading, it’s better. Anyhow, reading circle is good for me.

  21. Reading circle is a good practice to discuss, but not for reading. Although I know discussion skill is required and important, I want to improve my reading skill. Now, we have to write two discussion questions per person, but I think we can reduce one, and do it. Comprehension questions are good practice for reading, so I want to continue this.

  22. I think Reading Circle is no for reading but for discussing. Of course, it’s really good practice. However. it’s little opportunity to read. Therefore, I think RC should be added with last semester’s RC! In last semester, homework is main activity place to do it. So it may be good to have RC’s discussion time reduced in the class, and on the web we should practice more. Thus, you can do other work in the class!!Anyway, RC is very very very good opportunity to improve our English. Also we can know information about various fields. It’s useful not only for English but also anywhere.In addition, it may be better to exchange topics between other groups. So we can enjoy the good topics with everyone!

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