Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Video
Please watch this video and answer one of the questions below:

1) Harvest festivals are common in many parts of the world.
Does your hometown have any interesting harvest festivals?
Please tell us about it.

2) If not, ask your host family if they have any interesting traditions for Thanksgiving. What is a Hawaiian Thanksgiving like? Please tell us.

3) Search the Internet for Thanksgiving Traditions (or harvest festival traditions) in other countries. Please share a link and some interesting facts about the festival and traditions.

26 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. 1) In my hometown, Saitama, Japan have the festival ,“Kawaguchi-Jinjya,Mikoshi-Matsuri” why people offer prayers. This fest is every October, and people deify the God that lives in the shrine in Kawaguch ,Saitama. This God is the god of fishery and farming called “Sugawara Michizane”,too .

    2)I experienced Thanksgiving last year in Hawaii. and also I did the Brack Friday in Alamoana.
    I shared the picture in the time. American people eat Too MUCH FOOD!

    3)In Africa, they must be danced for the God on the Thanksgiving day

  2. Chuseok, the Korean Thanksgiving, is one of the greatest traditional holidays in Korea. The meaning of Chuseok is thanks offering. It is similar to Thanksgiving Day in America.

  3. In Taiwan, one of city called Hualien. They had their own Harvest Festival. Every year In July, they wear special clothing for this festival. They not only thanks for their ancestor also thanks their clanman.

  4. Does your hometown have any interesting harvest festivals?

    My hometown, Kyoto have some harvest festivals. There is one harvest festival that is very different from others. It is harvest festivals of laugh. Japanese traditional culture, Kyougen, which is performers move and speak strangely is performed as harvest festivals of laugh. It’s not about foods but we call it as harvest festivals of laugh.

  5. Korea has a thanks giving!

    I think this dance is interesting!
    Ganggangsullae (Korean circle dance)
    In this dance, women dressed in Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) join hands in a circle and sing together on a night when the full harvest moon appears or on Chuseok. There are several stories about its origin. One of the most well-known story says that the dance dates back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) when the Korean army used to dress the young women of the village in military uniforms and had them circle the mountains to look like that the Korean military was greater in number than it actually was from the enemy side. The Korean army enjoyed many victories thanks in part to this scare tactic.

  6. Chuseock is the biggest and most important holiday in Korea. Also, we call Hangawi too. Most Korean visit the their hometown and spend time with their family together. And then, they share food and play traditional games. Chuseok Day falls on September 19 in 2013 which follow the lunar calendar

  7. 1. This video is about a harvest festival in my hometown, Kagawa. It is called “Chosa Matsuri”. The big floats looks like mikoshi are called chosa. They look like mikoshi, but they are much bigger and heavier than mikoshi. Each of them is over 3 tons! Many men lift it by timing to the drumbeat. Every year when this festival comes, I feel so excited. I could not join the festival this year because I was in Hawaii. I want to join it next year.

  8. Rick!! This video is not working any more. I could not see the video.
    We have big feast at the our own Thanksgiving day. It is for praying the harvest once per year. At this day, our relatives gather one house and hang out or talk each other. In my case, I really like this holiday because I, of course, can eat lots of food and meet lots of relatives. In Korea, we think this holiday is important, so every family have a funny day.

  9. 1 My home town Nara has a festival which is On matsuri. Usually it is held on December and it is kind of similar to summer festival in Japan. There are many stores such as food or entertainment. Also they have traditional parade.
    it is about “On matsuri”

  10. 3) I didn’t know about Thanksgiving in Japan so I looked it up on the internet. Then I found that the date of Thanksgiving is different between Japan and the U.S.. In Japan, November 23rd is Thanksgiving and also official name is Labor Thanksgiving. However, in U.S., the 4th week’s Thursday of November is Thanksgiving. That is interesting.
    ( )

  11. It is not harvest-festival, but my home town has a fishery-festival in August. We just enjoy the festival, and we don’t care about the meaning of the festival, but the song is about fishery.

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