Final Reading Circles

Please share a few thoughts, suggestions, or opinions about our Reading Circles. These ideas will help our Reading Circles leaders to make good decisions and plans for our final week of Reading Circle activities. This is your opportunity to make the Reading Circles better for everyone. Thank You! 

12 thoughts on “Final Reading Circles

  1. i really like google document because i did not know such good tool for studying. i’m not sure using google document is better than the past style; however, i had interested in this technology! also, we can do reading circle with difference way, so it is gonna be more enjoyable and amazing. i think it is very important we can study with enjoyment.

    • about 3rd week:
      my group had only three students but i think it was succeeded because we were able to keep discussion. we used videos and pictures. these visual aids help us keep talking and they gave us new aspects of out topic. so i enjoyed talking and listening to other opinions. one group member found related article and she brought discussion question from there. i think everyone did good action on 3rd reading circle.

  2. I think Google document is good because I can change the sentence color and post comment on the same page. Thanks to the function, finding the vocabulary word’s meaning and reading other member’s comments are easier than before.

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