A Perfect Teacher?

In a perfect world, what are the qualities of a great teacher? 

Please make a list of the 5 most important qualities of a great teacher. 

  • quality one
  • quality two
  • quality three
  • quality four
  • quality five

Post your list below. Thank you! 

This activity is based on our short story: All the Good Things

19 thoughts on “A Perfect Teacher?

  1. I think we can not decide that who is the best teacher. Because it depends on students. However, in my case, First a teacher should be funny. I think a teacher has to be funny and they have to make a class laugh, otherwise they sleep during the class. Second, teacher should not be selfish person. A teacher does not need to follow the students, but a teacher should not command the students. Third, a teacher had better experience many things. Sometimes a teacher is consulted by many students who have their worries. Then a teacher has to answer with good advice. Fourth, a teacher sometime should be strict for students. The teacher who can do anything what students say is not good teacher. Certainly, a teacher needs to scold. Finally, a teacher should have personality.

  2. I think one significant quality of a good teacher is belief of students’s possibility. Many students are influenced by teachers who have find out students’s potential ability. Also, I like teachers who have humorous and honestly. That’s it.

  3. Personally, the good teacher in school whom I imagin can equaly deal with students in class. Even if a naughty boy is in the class, it may be his identity.The teacher who is able to grow up student’s personality for good personal is great teacher.So, the teacher who have understanding, judgement ,fair, responsible and not give up is good for me.

  4. my list of five important qualities of a great teacher:
    1. a sense of responsibility
    2. flexibility
    3. love and affection
    4. confidence
    5. sensitiveness to students
    in my opinion, there is no perfect teacher but teachers should continue their efforts even though students do not realize their labor. i have thought about the role of teacher for a long time because my parents are teachers in public high school in Japan, and i’m interested in the job and education. students do not understand how much teachers do hard work. however, teachers should be generous to students and consider what they can do for their students: it is very hard but i believe it is really great job!

  5. Teacher is important for student, but there are no accurate ways. I think one of the most important things is people who love teaching. Then, good teacher can listen carefully to each of the students. Also, teacher should be fair their student, do not like with partiality. The teacher should be kind if the students do not listen their teaching. The teacher should be control classroom and monitor student progress. Being good teacher is a difficult. However, teacher have passion, they will become a good teacher.

  6. a list of the 5 most important qualities of a great teacher

    ・having passion for his/her work
    ・watch students carefully
    ・treat students equally
    ・being patient
    ・being a good model as an adult

    Teachers are expert at teaching. They have a lot of experience and knowledge. They should think about how to teach student deeply. Also, teachers should watch students carefully. Not only teaching is the role of teachers. Some students have trouble with classmates or are worring about their future. Teachers should pay attention to all of the students and find students who are having problems. Moreover, teachers must treat students equally and be patient. They must understand that some students have slow wits and must not favor certain pupils over others. In addition, teachers should be a good model as an adult. Parents are the closest adults for students, but teachers are also close to students. They should show students what is good and what is bad. Also, they should encourage students to achieve their dreams and give some pieces of advice.

  7. I think good teachers should be not afraid of making mistakes. This is the most important thing and they should have only this quality, so I don’t know about 5 good qualities. I chose this one quality because all of the people are people, so they sometimes make a mistake. If teachers don’t have any confidence to do something, children may be more worried to do it. Of course, reducing the number of mistakes is important and better for teachers but they don’t think about it too much. If teachers have confidence to do something, children should be follow and respect teachers. Therefore, don’t be afraid of making mistakes is most important things for teachers.

  8. 1. to have fun in teaching
    2. to treat each students equally
    3. to have a sense of responsibility on their work
    4. to try to understand their students’ feelings or ways of thinking
    5. to give their students affection

    In my opinion, the most important thing for teachers is to have interests in their job and each students. Also, teachers must not have domineering attitude even if they are adults. They should try to be a good listener of the voice in their students’ heart.

  9. 1. to be funny
    2. to listen to student’s talking or troubles carefully
    3. to be kind
    4. to be able to scold
    5. to love all students

    I think the most important point is teacher’s personality, and to love all students is the most important. I met many good teachers in my life. They obviously have different personality but they treat us preciously.

  10. 1, to be trusted
    2, to be respected
    3, to be honest
    4, to listen to what students say
    5, to scold students

    Everyone knows there is no perfect human all over the world, so teachers are also imperfect. This is why students can’t want their teachers to have every good point.
    Although most students say, “I want to be taught by funny teachers.”, I think that the most important thing good teachers have is not to have fun but to earn student’s trust. I think that “fun” is not the most important thing for good teachers. Certainly, I think funny teachers are better than dull ones, but trustiness is more important than fun. Firstly, teachers have to think how to have good relation between teachers and students.
    If students can’t respect or trust their teachers, that’s too bad. It’s a tragedy.

  11. I think most important quality of a great teacher is to love his students. Human tends to be kind to people he likes and wants to do for them. The second quality is motivation. I think teachers have thought stopping their job at least once; however, If they have motivation, they will be able to get over that. I think these two qualities are needed. Even if they are not good at teaching or make mistakes, they can become a great teacher.

  12. I think teacher need knowledge, thoughtful, passion, gentle, and respectful. Because teacher is a one of model of adult for students. Teacher has a power because teacher can change students’ future or destroy their future. Teacher is a not easy job but it is related to person to person. I love the teacher who care about students like their children.

  13. I think these qualities make teacher great; to believe students, to accept students, to find good points of students, to try hard to develop students, and to enjoy with students. To believe is the most important point. People who don’t believe others cannot get believes from them.

  14. 1. to teach his/her students until they understand
    2. to lead the class smoothly
    3. to make some joke to student
    4. to make the chance for students to give courage
    5. to make appropriate time schedule and to conduct in a day

    When I was in last school called ICC, I had a nice teacher. Her name is Ellen. For English class in my life, she was the best teacher. Following above list, those are from her. I was really enjoying her class and I was eager to study thanks to her. Also, Rick is also the best teacher as reading class. I did not experience about the technology class. Therefore, Rick’s class is also attractive and nice.Thank you for your teaching, Rick!!!

  15. 1. to have a lot of knowledge
    2. to treat students fairly
    3. to watch classes closely
    4. to have humor
    5. to like the task of teacher

    I think these qualities are important to be a good teacher. Good teachers should have not only academic knowledge but also common sense. Also, to keep students’ attention, they need a lot of humor. Finally, they need a passion for their job.

  16. 1.not emotional
    2.listen student’s opinion
    3.good teacher method
    4.make classes interesting
    5.respect students
    I think the most important is teacher can’t emotional, becaus when I elementary school my teacher really emotional. If she have some problem at home or something, she made angry to us. Even we didn’t do anthing, but she still can curse us or asked us to do something. That why I think teacher can’t emotional. They have to control their mood.

  17. quality 1: A teacher has a passion!
    Students want a teacher to give an energy for school life!

    quality 2: A teacher listens to student’s opinions!
    Students want good advice from a teacher.

    quality 3: Actions speak louder than words!
    Students will respect a teacher if the teacher shows a great action!

    quality 4: A teacher has good skills of teaching!
    Students like a teacher who is good at teaching.

    quality 5: A teacher takes care of students equal!
    Students DO look carefully about a relationship between a teacher and other students.

  18. A list of the 5 most important qualities of a great teacher.
    ◾sensitive to students
    ◾with a broad outlook
    ◾having confidence
    I think most important thing for good teachers is having a broad outlook. It is because if teachers experienced various things and had a broad outlook, they can tell teir students about their experiences and their way of thinking. Students can learn not only certain subjects but also more valuable things. I think such opportunity effects good influence to students.

  19. 1:justness
    ⇒Teachers must not discriminate their students.

    ⇒If teachers have it, their students will feel it!

    ⇒Teachers need to plan the class.Preparing good classes makes students fun!

    ⇒between the breaktime and classes

    ⇒Teacher should take care of all students in the class.

    teachers who have all of five are great!
    However, I find it impossible.
    Teachers experience and mature with students.

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