Australia Reading Circle

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25 thoughts on “Australia Reading Circle

    • A1)No, I don’t think religion event Chrismas, in my case. I don’t have a friend who belong religion siriously.But the host family I know, training “hymn” by Hawaiian speech last year.
      A2)I usually stayied with important people in Chrismas eve, and family in Chrismas when I was student. However,I don’t have a time for staying with someone becaue of hard working in Japan.

    • 1,does christmas have to be more religion event??

      No, I don’t think so. If it become a religion event, we have to go to the church and pray for it. I just want to have fun celebrating Christmas as a event.

      2, what do you do on the X’mas day in your country?

      In Japan, people usually spend time with a boyfriend or girl friend. Some people who don’t have BF or GF, they spend lonely Christmas with lonely friends! lol

    • i love spending cold christmas. I get used spending cold one, so I dont feel like christmas is coming if it is hot. I love summer but christmas is meant to be cold!!!!!!!!

  1. What’s the “Saturnalia” mean and why they did celebrate??

    What kind of traditional celebration like Saturnalia, do yo have in your hometown? What events?

    Why don’t you have a holiday and why do they work on Christmas in Japan??

    • Q1)I didn’t know that people celebrated Saturn in the distance past.
      Q2)I ate cake,chikin, and sushi in my hometown when I was little young. Chrismas tree is not my house because house is small and trying decoration on the tree might be hard for peartents.
      Q3)It is mantioned that the economic of Japan dramtically grow up Chrismas season and in May(Japanese called “Golden week”) because Japanese tend to buy many kinds peoduct for spending holiday . In Japan, I had holiday from December 30.

  2. Discussion questions

    1. Why do many people celebrate Christmas in the darkest days in winter?
    2. What is your family’s traditional way to celebrate Christmas?

    • Q1)Personally, people don’t like staying in winter(like dark).Winter season is nagative for people. They tried getting pleasure on their life all season. The decoration of Chrismas tree means not to lost the life forever.
      Q2)Usually I ate special food for Chrismas.Susi, chicken, whole cake,and shanpen are there. I got present such as new clothes from parents.

    • For tomorrow

      Discussion Q
      What is your dream of celebrating Christmas?
      What do you want to do on Christmas when you become a mother?

      • Q1) if I marriied someone,I will want to celebrate Chritmas season.
        Q2) I will want to make homeparty befor my child become adult(around 20 years)
        Because child may leave from parents in the future,I want to stay with child.

      • I’ve never experienced Christmas home party at home because I am a Buddhist.
        If I have chance I wana prepare Christmas home party and prepare many presents for my children also good food too.

      • 1. What is your dream of celebrating Christmas?

        My dream is to get tons of Christmas presents! In the morning, I wake up and find lots of boxes under the Christmas tree is my dream.

        2. What do you want to do on Christmas when you become a mother?

        I want my children to be happy. So I will invite Santa to my house. And I will ask him to give presents for my future children. That would be sweet 🙂

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