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  1. Comprehension Question
    1) What is the percentage of American who had a gun the Gallup research organization reported in 2005?
    2) What does Mr. Davis see gun control as?

    Discussion Question
    1) What do you think about having gun? Is it necessary?
    2) Do you know gun-related issues in other countries?

    Vocabulary list
    1. unarm; not carrying any weapons
    2. National Rifle Association (NRA); an American nonprofit organization that promotes firearm competency, safety, and ownership

    • discussion answer
      1. i think people do not need to have their own guns because my home country Japan does not allow people own guns. i just hear some news about someone was killed by guns. so in my imagination, guns are symbols of crime. however, i think it is common sense for American people to own guns because it is not illegal. i think gun control is difficult because lots of people have already had their own guns.

    • discussion answer
      2. Actually, I didn’t know about gun-related issues in other countries. However, in today’s class, Kiyoka said about the issues in Switzerland. “In Switzerland, when people became 20 years old, guns are given by the government.” Then I was interested in gun-related issues in Switzerland, so I searched about those. At first, I thought there are a lot of crimes by using guns, but the actual condition was opposite.

      According to the article about Gun Politics in Switzerland, “Government statistics for the year 2010 records 40 homicides involving firearms, out of the 53 cases of homicide in 2010.
      The annual rate of homicide by any means per 100,000 population was 0.70, which is one of the lowest in the world. The annual rate of homicide by guns per 100,000 population was 0.52.”

  2. Comprehension Question
    1.What did Mr. Davies suggest in the last research on gun-related issues that had a “real impact” appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine in the 1990s?
    2.How many people were killed by guns in the US in 2010?

    Discussion Question
    1.“Speaking is difficult, but I need to say something important. Violence is a big problem. Too many children are dying. Too many children.” This sentence is in the article. What do you think about this sentence meaning?
    2.What do you think why America allowed people to have guns? because maybe they could expect this situation.

    vocabulary list
    1.intensify: to increase in degree or strength, or to make something do this
    2.deserve: to have earned something by good or bad actions or behavior

    • discussion answer
      2. During today’s discussion, Kana said about the reason “it is related history and tradition”, “Therefore owning guns are not uncommon for people in the United States and changing the custom which people are owning their guns is difficult” something like that. I agree this idea. In addition, In the United States, some states allowed to have guns even blind people. So, I thought self defense is considered important in the United States.

      Please read those paragraph. Those are the paragraph from the article about America giving gun licences to blind people.

      “In a short interview with Piers Morgan earlier this year, Stevie Wonder suggested a novel idea for demonstrating the problem with US gun laws. He was going to try to buy a weapon. “Imagine me with a gun,” said the singer, who has been blind since shortly after birth. “It’s just crazy.”

      Not everyone would agree. Over the weekend, the Des Moines Register, an Iowa newspaper, ran an in-depth report on the fact that the state has been granting gun permits to people who are legally or completely blind. In one county, officials say they have granted gun permits to at least three people whose visual impairments are such that they can’t legally drive. This doesn’t contradict the federal Gun Control Act of 1968, which prohibits drug addicts and those who have spent more than a year behind bars from possessing firearms, but not those who can’t see. State laws vary, with some requiring proof of vision, but Iowa is not alone in allowing the blind to carry guns.

      Ian Macrae, who is registered blind and edits the UK website Disability Now, says this is the logical conclusion of the second amendment. “The fact is, US law says anyone has the right to bear arms, and if that’s the case, then, in the interests of full equality, that should include blind people.”


  3. Comprehension Question
    1. Why gun rights supporters consider it necessary to own guns?
    2. “Since the Sandy Hook shootings, several groups have suggested measures to reduce gun violence. ” What are they pushingfor a ban? What do they want to bun?

    Discussion Question
    1. How do you think the reason why American ctizen want to own guns?
    2. In America, many crims are related to guns, so people have been killed by murder using their guns. But gun-control is not still progrssed. Why is it difficult to ban owning gun even citizen?
    vocabulary list
    1.amendment: a small change, improvement, or addition that is made to a law or document, or the process of doing this
    2.dispute: to say that something such as a fact or idea is not correct or true

    • discussion answer
      2. because it is too late to change the gun system in the US. i mean people do not have any uncomfortable feeling about having guns because they have lived with guns for a long time. also, i think the American’s opinion is related to gun system because American people think that they should save their own lives. they have strong individualism than Japanese people, i think. so they cannot change the gun system, i think.

    • i think they are not separated even though gun control system would be established. it is because having guns is very common in the US, and it is impossible to ban owing guns, i think. they have long history, and guns are a kind of symbol of Americans, i think. it means guns are existed as identity of Americans. so people cannot cut the relationship with guns. Americans live with guns; also, there is NRA which agree with owing guns. such group should be disappeared if Americans hope gun control system is established. it is very difficult problem, i think.

    • I think American culture and gun cotrol is related to each other in terms of the idea of self defense. In the past, American needed guns to protect themselves from wild animals and native American. Guns are something indispensable to everyday life to protect their life. However, these days, there are no wild animals which attack people. Some people might to oposite about gun control because having guns are necessary to protect themselves from criminal acts. But, if people have guns, people can be murder too. Still, I think some American who want to own their guns consider just to have guns can take advantage.

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