Brazil Reading Circle

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10 thoughts on “Brazil Reading Circle

  1. Discussion Questions
    Q1, When you think about the best life for you, what is the most important to you?

    Q2, How much do you need to be satisfied with your life in your country?

    • Value is the most important thing for me. I cannot marry a person who has different value, and doesn’t try to understand my value. To live with people who has different value is a hell.

    • 1. In my life, money is the most important thing. As you know, if we try to do all of thing like health caring, living happily, we need lots of money. In my opinion, may be it can be all people’s opinion, money make all of things possible. One purpose that we live is for money. Earning and spending money is our most important purpose.

  2. Discussion Questions
    1. For satisfying,what is your main goal in your life? How should you do?
    2. What kind of job do you want to be? Why?

  3. Discussion Question
    #1:Which countries have you been to? In the countries, how do you think about merits and demerits of them?

    #2: Which countries do you want to go?

    • 2. I want to go to seitzerland. One day, I am not sure when it was, I read Haidi and I saw many its pictures. I got moved. After then and so far, my ideal country is switzweland.

  4. 1. What will you require to your future husband or wife when you marry?
    2. Which country do you want to live in, and do you want to move after retirement?

    • I want to live in Spain only for a few years in the future because I like this country and it has fascinating cultures and places. However, I really like Japan, my home country, so I want to live there after retiring.

    • 1: I’ll need money, because it costs much money making a living and raising children. I want 3 or more children. So I really need money.

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