Canada Reading Circle

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13 thoughts on “Canada Reading Circle

  1. 1. Do you download the music that was copied? If you do so, how do you feel?
    2. Why do you think people download or sell pirated music even though they know it is illegal.

    • 1. No, I don’t. Because actually, I don’t know how to download music…
      But, if I know how to do that, I will download music even though I know it is illeagal. There are two reasons why I would like to download music. First, it is easy to get music; in other words, I can get music without paying any money or going to a rental shop. Second, in today’s class as Rick already mentioned about it, if I download music illeagalIy, I wouldn’t feel guilty so much. Because there is not exist as things but only as data. I think most of people who download music illegally have like this feeling.

  2. Discussion Question
    1. How do you think the problem about piracy?
    2. Do you think high technology is closely related with piracy? How?

    • 2. Yes, I think so. In the low tech era, pirating something was difficult, because things had bodies. No one could copy completely same things. But now, Some things exist as data. Data can be copied easily and everyone can copies them completely if they have software for copying.

  3. 1. What do you think piracy would result in? In the future, to consumers, to artists, to society, or to anything else.
    2. Who should be changed better first? (ex. Musicians make noises. COSOMA seems not to save music copyright. Some shops pirate musics. The city not help musicians.)

    • 1. I think piracy would result in all of the above because piracy is invisible to the people, also this problem is a kind of morals. So it is difficult to solve and it may affect people and society now and forever.

  4. DQs
    1. Have you ever listened or watched pirate c CDs or movies?
    2. If artists sell their CDs in front of your house, can you heed them? Of course, their profits affect their live.

    • 1. Yes, I have. I sometimes do that. I know it is illegal. Please don’t tell the police! I don’t want to pay the fine.

    • If it happens, more musician and movie company will have trouble. Many people have lost their jobs because of piracy according to the website Aki showed us before. If illegal download becomes common, the problem will become worse. Also, the morals will get worse. People will feel less guilt about downloading illegal music or movie.

    • If illegal download becomes common, a lot of people would not buy CDs and DVDs. Because of the illeagal download, the number of sales of CDs and DVDs will also decrease. Then, CDs and DVDs shops will also receive bad effect. I think the number of those shops will have to decrease. Therefore, many musicians cannot get proper benefit for his works. Also, people would not feel guilty about doing illeagal download because many people doing that.

    • If illegal download becomes common, many people can enjoy music without wasting money. However, it is a big problem for musicians and companies beccause there is no profit. More importantly, they may get a serious financial loss of making music. So that may cause their motivation to make and enjoy music.
      Also, If illegal download becomes common, it affects for our life, especially our privacy. It’s because, people may get many computer virouses when people download something.
      Therefore, illegal download can cause many bad influences for not only musicians or companies, but also many people.

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