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  1. Comprehension Questions
    1. According to survey, what percent of participant were a serious relationship?
    2. Who texted massage more often?

    Discussion Questions
    1. How often do you text massages a day?
    2. Do you ever got the SpamText Massages? If Yes, What would you do?

    significant: having an important effect or influence, especially on what will happen in the future
    intimate: private and friendly so that you feel comfortable

    • Discussion Question 2.
      Yes, I have got spam. I set another inbox so that my main inbox will not be fulled with spam. However, they make me feel irritated because I receive a lot of spam and I have to erase them.

    • 2 In Japan I always text to my friends except during i am sleeping. But in Hawaii, I don’t text often too much, because of studying and jet lag.

  2. Comprehension Questions
    1,Why was texting an effective way to enhance romance?
    2,When did women tend to take to their smartphone keyboards?

    Discussion Questions
    1, Do you think texting is a good way to enhance romance?
    2,Which do you like texting or calling when contacting romantic partner?

    torrent: a large amount of something that comes suddenly and violently
    ironclad: so strong that it cannot be challenged or changed
    speculate: to guess about the possible causes or effects of something without knowing all the fact or details

  3. Comprehension Questions
    1. According to a study, who reported higher satisfaction with their relationship?
    2. What do women do when their connection with their loved one deteriorated?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Why do you think men who texted often reported lower relationship quality than who texted infrequently?
    2. Why do you think women like to text?

    Vocabulary Words
    ping (v) : (informal) to send an email or text message to somebody
    ex. I’ll ping it to you later.

    sparingly (adv) : using or doing only a little of something
    ex. Use the spices sparingly.

    deteriorate (v) : to become worse
    ex. Her health deteriorated rapidly, and she died shortly afterwards.

    Other website

    • Discussion Question
      2,In my case, texting is easy to tell complex feeling than saying directory. Moreover i feel happy when I receive text messages.

  4. 1, Do you think texting is a good way to enhance romance?
    I think texting is helpful for couples, because they are communicated anytime. They can text their thinking if they are ashamed.

    2. Why do you think women like to text?
    I think it is women’s personality. Women like talk, and they share their opinion with friend likely.

  5. Comprehension Questions
    1 In general, can the man who texted often have high relationship?

    2 According to researchers, what does texting play role in?

    discussion question
    1Why the man who texted often have low relationships?

    2Do you think is that true that women attempted to make up or resolve their differences via text?

  6. Everyone, please read the article which I posted before, and answer some questions.

    Discussion Questions
    1. According to the article,women text to someone whenever they’re bored or somewhere they don’t want to be. They text the people they think about first.So if a woman texts a man and says she’s at some social ocassion, such as a birthday party and a wedding, it means she’s interested in him and wishes he were there with her. Do you agree with this idea? Give me some reasons.

    2. In this article, the writer suggests to men that they use text messages as a test to see if you can call a woman to ask her out on a date. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not?

    • 1,Yes, women don’t wont to contact with a man who they are not interested in anytime.And in social occasion, there are lots of people.So I think they don’t want to be seen the situation they spent with that man.

      2,No, I don’t. If I receive a mail, I reply to whoever I am not interested in. So, even if men get replies from women, it is not always good signs.

      • Hayami, your answer is interesting for me!
        1. Yeah, women don’t make contact personally with someone whom they are not interested in. If a womam text to a man when she is in a social occasion, I think it means she is interested in him and wants to talk with him.

        2. Yeah, I agree with you. I reply to whoever it is, when I receive a mail. However, I think the idea that sending text as a test is good, because the man will know whether it is a good timing or not. If he receive a reply, it means at least she has time to reply, so he can make a phone call at the moment.

    • 1 I think so. If I have a guy whom I am interested in, I want to contact with him all day. In addition, usually I don’t text the guys whom I am not interested in.

      2It is kind of hard question, because it depends on person. However the writer is right. Because if guys use calling to ask women for dating, maybe the guys can know if she wants to date with the guys or not. In my case, If I don’t want to date with a guy, I try to make air like confusing. I don’t know how to say….hopefully u guys can understand my opinion, sorry.

      Thanks for reading circle reader. the article you chose was interested for me, so I could enjoy this activity. Good job:)

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