Egypt Reading Circle

Captura de pantalla 2013-12-01 a la(s) 11.31.40 AM


11 thoughts on “Egypt Reading Circle

    • 1.I often go to shopping to walk a lot. Just walking is boring for me and can’t do for a long time. However, by walking around to find some nice items,
      I can walk a lot having fun.

    • 2. Yes! When I got weight, I exercised everyday!
      I am so lucky because I can lose my weight quickly.
      Then I dont have to exercise too much! I dont like exercise! ^^”

  1. This is the final activity.
    These are easy questions, please do it!

    Recently, there are many kinds of way of diet. When you get a new information about diet, do you want to try? Why or why not?

    How did you find your best way of diet?

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