Elephant Reading Circle

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  1. comprehension questions

    1) Why didn’t Henry want Shep O’Neal leave when they talk about Henry’s daughter coming back?

    2) Why hasn’t Henry’s wife come home yet?

    discussion questions

    1) What do you think about Henry is still waiting for her wife? How would you do if you were Henry?

    2) What do you guess what did the man do after this story?


    1) miner…a person who works in a mine taking out coal, gold, diamonds, etc.

    2) rug…a piece of thick material like a small carpet that is used for covering or decorating part of a floor

  2. CQ 1. Why did “I” go to the Stanislau?
    CQ 2. Can Henry’s wife come back home? Why? or Why not?

    DQ 1. Why the Stanislau which was like Heaven had been ruined?
    DQ 2. How do you feel about Henry, his friends and the town?

    capture : take possession of by force, as after an invasion

    Official site(There are free audio books, too)

    P.S : It’s not Rick homework! If you want, just think about below.
    Mark Twain is one of the world famous novelist.
    Have you been read any Mark Twain’s works by English or your native language?
    If you have, What did you read? and could you say your expression about it or them?
    If you read this short story your native language,
    could you compare the expression between your native language and English?
    Could you feel a similar emotion or not about every expressions or foreshadows?

    • 2 I feel sorry for Henry and I want him to accept her death one day. Also his friends are so kind, because they have been doing this for nineteen years. I think it is very long time.

  3. Comprehension question
    1 Why was she dead?
    2 Why did 2guys make Henry sleep?

    Discussion question
    1 If you were Henry, do u think can you believe she was dead?
    2 Do you think will the guys keep doing this which is helping him to accept her death?


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