Rick’s HELP 332R2


Rick's HELP 332R2


A Perfect Teacher?

In a perfect world, what are the qualities of a great teacher? 

Please make a list of the 5 most important qualities of a great teacher. 

  • quality one
  • quality two
  • quality three
  • quality four
  • quality five

Post your list below. Thank you! 

This activity is based on our short story: All the Good Things

Final Reading Circles

Please share a few thoughts, suggestions, or opinions about our Reading Circles. These ideas will help our Reading Circles leaders to make good decisions and plans for our final week of Reading Circle activities. This is your opportunity to make the Reading Circles better for everyone. Thank You! 


History.com Thanksgiving Video
Please watch this video and answer one of the questions below:

1) Harvest festivals are common in many parts of the world.
Does your hometown have any interesting harvest festivals?
Please tell us about it.

2) If not, ask your host family if they have any interesting traditions for Thanksgiving. What is a Hawaiian Thanksgiving like? Please tell us.

3) Search the Internet for Thanksgiving Traditions (or harvest festival traditions) in other countries. Please share a link and some interesting facts about the festival and traditions.

Community Feedback for Reading Circles

How can we improve our Reading Circles? 

Please write at least 100 words.

Please post your suggestions below:

This is your chance to help make the Reading Circles better for you and your group mates; What can we do differently in class? What can we do differently on our website Reading Circles pages?
(Reading Circle Leaders for next week: Please look at your group members’ opinions and use these suggestions when making decisions about your groups’ activities)