France Reading Circle

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8 thoughts on “France Reading Circle

    • Actually, I rarely drink alcohol except special day like friend’s birthday. However, I keep drinking for two or three hours on the special days. Probably,I drink more than ten glasses of alcohol a day.

    • Yes. Alcohol is good for people if they do not drink too much. Wine is one of the best alcohol. I do not drink alcohol without cooking.

  1. How long do you usually stay a bar when you go to drink?

    What do you think about people who drink everyday? You like this kind of people?

    • I do not usually drink at home, but I often went to drink when I was in Japan. When I was at Japanese bar, probably about 2~3 hours.

      If they drink a glass of wine or a little bit alcohol, I don’t think it is bad. However, if they drink too much everyday like an alcoholic. I think they smell like alcohol which I probably do not like them.

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