Green Reading Circle

Green Reading Circle

Leader: Kana
Group Members: AkiAzam, & Rina

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vocabulary list
1.aspiration(n): a strong desire to have or achieve something
2.curiosity(n): the desire to know about something
3.mischief(n): bad behaviour, especially by children, that causes
trouble or damage, but no serious harm
4.ensure(v): to make certain that something will happen properly
5.fulfillment(n): the feeling of being happy and satisfied with your
life because you are doing interesting, useful, or important things
6.instill(v): to teach someone to think, behave, or feel in a particular
way over a period of time
7.dignity(n): the fact of being respected or deserving respect
8.boundary(n): the real or imaginary line that marks the edge of a state,
country etc, or the edge of an area of land that belongs to someone
9.privilege(n): a special advantage that is given only to one person or
group of people
10.obligation(n): a moral or legal duty to do something
11.compassionate(a): feeling sympathy for people who are suffering
12.thrive(v): to become very successful or very strong and healthy
13.poise(n): a calm, confident way of behaving, combined with an ability
to control your feelings or reactions in difficult situations


19 thoughts on “Green Reading Circle

  1. Comprehension Questions:

    * What he thought when he was a young man?
    * He wrote the letter to whom?

    Discussion Questions:

    *In your opinion how does this letter effect the people who will read it?
    *In your opinion does Mr.Obama seems a successful man? Give more than one reason?


    *blessings: something that you have or something that happens which is good because it improves your life, helps you in some way, or makes you happy.
    Ex: The dishwasher has been a real blessing!

    *Declaration: an important official statement about a particular situation or plan, or the act of making this statement.
    Ex: a ceasefire declaration.

    *obligation: a moral or legal duty to do something

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    • discussion questions
      1. I think Mr. Obama can get more attention by this letter because this letter shows how he is a good person as president and as father. Also, in my opinion, people feel that Mr. Obama is the father of US because he thinks about US issues. We can see this letter is a pert of his strategy. However, I think he has really nice personality, so he can get more attention by his character and talent.
      2. I think he is a successful man because he became the president. Azam told us Mr. Obama did not do anything. However, he keeps good relationship with other countries, and it is very important thing for US, I think. In my opinion, Mr. Bush showed his (or US) power and dignity by expressing actions. However, i think war is not needed in the world and every countries have already known US is strong (or the strongest) country, and Mr. Obama has also known what thinking to US other countries have. Therefore, we can think that he choose different style from Mr. Bush.

    • I think the people who read the letter were surprised that he decided to become the president because he wanted to change US for his girls, but I don’t know whether it is true or not. Also, they mush have realized how Mr.Obama cares about his girls. The letter warmed my heart. In addition, I guess the people who read the letter understood that he wants to change the US and has strong destermination of doing it.

      2. I thought he is a successful man when he became the president, because he is the first black man who became the president, and also many people supported him. However, he has not solved a lot of problems that the US has so far. Not many people support him now. That’s why I don’t think he is a successful man now.

    • 1 I think the people will more take care of their family, because this letter can persuade to people who have family.

      2 My answer is yes. Because I think he suffered from that he is black person, so he knows the feeling of this pain. However he overcame this problem, and he is trying to make new The United States. In addition, he has good opportunity to change the world as a president. That’s why I think he is successful man.

  2. Comprehension Questions

    ・What is Mr. Obama’s greatest joy in his life?
    ・When Mr. Obama was his daughters’ age, how did his grandmother teach him the lesson about citizens of the United States?

    Discussion Questions

    ・What are important roles of fathers?
    ・What should fathers do if they are busy and can’t see their children so often?

    Vocabulary Words

    ・worthy (adj) :deserving respect, admiration, or support
    ex. He is worthy to be captain of our team.

    ・potential (n) : the possibility of something happening or being developed or used
    ex. This powerful computer has the potential to sell.

    Other Website

    • discussion questions
      1. I think fathers have big roles for their family. Fathers can be breadwinner and they can work until retirement age. However,in my opinion, fathers should not be strict but be kind. Why I have such idea is my father is very kind. He is very busy because of his job, but he always calls us after finishing his working, “What do you want something to eat?” and he goes to supermarket and he buys family’s dinner. Also, he washes clothes and cleans rooms. My parents share housework. My father also make decision when we have little serious problem or when we have to decide important things. My father has strong opinion which nobody changes, and his thinking is reasonable. So I respect him and he is my dream.
      2. I think it is okay that fathers just love their children even if they cannot see their children so often. It is because children can understand their father’s affection. This reason is the same as No.1: children look at their parents actions and habits carefully, so they become to respect their fathers if they feel father’s affection, i think.

    • 1- In my opinion the father has a lot of things to do to his family, such as take care of them, work hard for them, and be friend to them.

      2-They have to do the best they can to be next to their family because it’s not only about money and work.

    • In general, fathers work to make a living, so they do not have enough time to be with their families. Of course, this situation is changing, and mothers are also working to make a living. Fathers’ important roles are just enjoy their lives with their families, I think. What I want to say is that not to have roles by sex, but to have roles by what you can is better. Because our social situation is changing to equal sex right, our ways to live are changing. Fathers and also mothers just choose roles what they can, and just enjoy being with their families.

  3. Comprehension Questions:

    What did Obama find in his two girls?
    Why did Obama understand America is great?

    Discussion Questions:

    If you won’t have any child, can you struggle, like Obama who won’t get benefits from the struggle, for the future of next generations?
    Which is greater Obama or his two girls, do you think, and why?


    hitch: to fasten something to something else, using a rope, chain etc
    grace: polite and pleasant behavior

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    • discussion questions
      1. In my opinion, people exist for themselves and next generations. I think all people have important roles which lead to next generations because we also receive a lot of things from previous generations. Therefore, I believe I can dedicate my effort for next generations even if I do not have any child.
      2. i think both of them is great. People can change their opinion with accepting their environment. In the case of Mr. Obama, his personality and opinion are made by his grandmother’s education, his experiences, and the life with his girls. People are living with having relationship with others, so all of them is great and important, I think.

  4. comprehension questions
    1. Why did he change his mind from his young thinking?
    2. What problems in US can we see from this letter?
    3. What do you think the meanings of “I decided to take our family on this journey,” and “I’ve taken our family on this great adventure?”

    discussion questions
    1. What do you think why he wrote for not only his children but also all children in the world and why he included many aspects of US issues?
    2. What we can do for next generations?

    • 1- Because he wanted the people in the U,S, and the whole world yo know about his experience, and try to understand how America is a good country.
      2- We can do a lot of things, In my opinion, we can stop talking and start doing because Mr.Obama with all my respect to him but he did a lot of the talk without any ”Do” and this is a huge problem.

    • 1. I think that he wrote the letter to all of the children in the world because he wanted them to know what kind of problems US has and how strong his decision is

      2. I think if we can do something good for the next generation, they will live happy lives. I think we should try to solve environmental pollution, for example. When Japan was developing rapidly, factory chimneys were smoking all the time, and many children suffered from asthma. If older generation do something bad, the younger generation will have some problems like this. This is why I think we should try to make this world better for the next generation.

    • 1 I think he wants to realize everyone about importance of family or children, and also he wants to change the world.
      2 I am not sure, but I think he wants his family to keep up with him, and he thought his family is the best importance things of all, so he cannot live without them.

    • I’m not the Prime Minister of Japan, so I cannot do big things for next generations. The only things I can do are to vote, to love my children, The only things we (residents) can do are also to vote, love our children. In addition, before we vote for someone, we need know what is necessary or unnecessary because sometimes people vote for someone, having emotional reasons or no reason. I think we have to study. Studying is not only for ourselves but also for our next generations.

  5. Final Activity

    ・Discussion Questions
    1. Please think about how should President exist as the top of America and the World.
    2. Please think about what you are doing for next generations now. This question is different from “What can we do for next generations?” which I post before. So please give me other comment.

    ・Please post final comment-How was this reading circle?

    My final comment
    Thank you so much everybody! I really enjoyed talking about Mr. Obama or America. I noticed I did not know anything about politic or economy etc. I wanted to discuss more because I could get a lot of knowledge and listen to many ideas. It was very interesting for me! Especially, thank you Azam! I really like listening to your opinion and strong comment. Thanks to your telling, we could keep thinking. And I am sorry for Rina and Aki. I did not give you guys many opportunities to tell your ideas. Anyway, I’d like to express my appreciation to all of you for all the work you’ve done! Thank you!

    • 1- In my opinion Mr.Obama has to do more to the Americans, and he has to do more to the countries that they support him before.

      2- For me I want to do a lot of things for the next generation. From my job as a teacher I want to teach them how to respect each no matter what, and I want to make them believe in their salves.

      Thank you Kana you were a good leader, I enjoyed a lot in our discussion. Thanks

      • 1. To the residents, he should do what he said before to be the President. To the world, the President needs to behave as a good model.

        2. I’m not doing anything for them of my own accord, since I’m a student. If I can say I am doing something, I’m just preparing for something I can do in the future.

        You did very well, I think! 🙂 I have to be a good leader of next circle like you were, though it may be difficult for me to do so. Thank you, Kana!!

  6. 1. I think the President of the United States should show his power to other countries because the US is the most powerful country in the world.

    2. I don’t think we are doing much for the next generation. We pay tax and the money will be used for the next generation. We just follow what the government decided, I think.

    Thank you Kana. I think you were a very good leader! I enjoyed reading the article and also we had a good discussion.

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