Horse Reading Circle

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  1. Voca
    -carve: to cut into pieces or slices
    -concrete: naming a real thing or class of things
    -devastate: to bring to ruin or desolation by violent action
    -compensate: to make an appropriate and usually counterbalancing payment to
    1. Why did their sun die?
    2. What are they unsatisfied for China Government?
    1. What do you think about one child policy?
    2. How about your country??

    • 2. How about your country?
      In my country, government encourage couple have more than two children.
      If you have one child, the government can give you money when they born. Not only when they born also government give you money every month until they are five years old. I think is totally different between Taiwan and China.

  2. Questions
    1 What age did child died of cancer?
    2 Does the parent have another child?

    1What do you think about one-child policy?
    2 Do you think that China is supossed to change one child policy? Why, Why not?

    bitterness very serious and unpleasant
    consequences a result of something that has happened
    compensation things taht make a bad situation better

    • DQ
      1. I know that China have huge population but, I can not agree this policy. I want to have a lot of children. Only one is too risky.
      2. I think that China should change this one because, their nation hope to change it.

  3. Comprehension Questions
    1. Why did their son die?
    2. What is the consequences of the one-child policy?

    Discussion Questions
    1. In China, why they had to have one child-policy?
    2. After one child-policy, what will happen?
    3. Do you think one child-policy might be in your country?

    1. shattered-extremely upset
    2. pensions-money that someone regularly receives after they have stopped working because of their age, paid either by their company or by the government
    3. concrete-based on facts and information
    4. consequence-a result or effect of something

    • 2. After one child-policy, what will happen?
      I think Chinese population wiil decrease in future. Also, they will have a lot og elder but a few children or worker who can earn money.

  4. Vocabulary
    traumatic: so shocking and upsetting that it affects you for a long time:
    compensation: money paid to someone because they have suffered injury or loss, or because something they own has been damaged

    Comprehension Q
    1:How old is Tian Lianpiao now?
    2:What do offices of the Love Delivery hotline do for hildless pensioners?

    Discussion Q
    1:How does one child-policy have influence on people in China?
    2:What do you think about one child-policy?

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