Jamaica Reading Circle

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16 thoughts on “Jamaica Reading Circle

  1. DQ1. How do you celebrate the Christmas in your country?
    DQ2. Christmas is the Christians’ celebration of the birth of Christ, but now not only Christians but also people who have other religions. Why do you think other people began to celebrate Christmas?

    • 1 as you know, we eat a special dinner and exchange a present for celebrating the Christmas. I love Christmas.

      2 I think it is good thing. Because we can share each religion and also we can know about each country, so I think I want everyone in all over the worlds to be familiar with other countries like almost Japanese don’t have religion.

  2. DQ1. How do you think that some companies use or enlarged reproduce the Santa Claus’s image for their benefit?

    DQ2. Which companies are used to use the Santa Claus’s image for their benefit in your country?

    • 1 I don’t think it is bad things. Actually they were familiar with Santa Claus, that’s why people used it as their character. Also it has been continuing now.

      2 I guess Coca cola…?

  3. discussion questions:
    1. What information about Santa do you have?
    2. What do you think why people created clear imagination of Santa? and Why is Santa needed in this world?

    • 1 I don’t have specific information of Santa,,,,,but because of this article, I could know original of Santa was Nicholas. Also the beginning was that he gave many gifts the poor family, also he put in their stocking!!! It is funny.

      2 I think Santa makes people happy and smile even though Santa does’t exit in real life. People always are excited to celebrate the Christmas. Actually I think there is no bad point to celebrate it.

    • D1. I know about today’s Santa Clause. There is “World Santa Claus Congress” in Green Land, and it examine and recognize people as Santa Clause. Now, there are about 120 Santa Clause all over the world. They get together in Danmark every July.

    • 1. i think he took action as a Bishop who was known for his generosity and kindness to children. he could not stand on such situation, i think. his job made him act something for the poor family, and the result was to give some stuff.

      2. i think Santa’s appearance looks like warm or kind person. it is because his cloth is red. red makes people feel warm or hot. also, people think he is not young by his white beard, and the beard makes us imagine warm and cold weather. moreover, he is big guy. in our imagination, big guy is strong, so he can carry a lot of gifts for children.his appearance shows people that he is not strict but kind; also, it fits cold weather in winter, i think.

    • D1. I think it is because Bishop Nicholas was a devout Christian. In Christian’s theory, There is the thought, “love of one’s neighbors”. It means that people should love their neighbors as themselves and help people who need to be helped. He believed this theory, so he embodied it. Therefore I think he gave some stuff to the poor family.

  4. 1 Hello guys. We have been learning about the Christmas. What was the new information for you guys? Also, what are you guys going to do on the Christmas???

    Thanks you following me, guys!! I hope you guys had fun this topic. I am so sorry for that I could not join the discussion on Tuesday..:( These are last questions! Have fun on your weekend!

    • Although I love celebrating the christmas, I totally did not know about the Christmas. That is why I chose this topic. I am going to go snow boarding on Christmas eve, and I am going to work on Christmas day…..:(lol

    • Hi Sakura! I really enjoyed reading circle! I did not have any information about history of Santa before this time. Your article was very interesting, so I enjoyed reading it; also, this topic was very good, I think. It’s because everyone have experienced Christmas, and everybody knows Santa. I got a lot of new information such as his name changes, producing his appearance, and Coca Cola’s influences. They were all new for me.
      I think I’m gonna have lunch with my friends on Christmas, and I usually give my friends something with Christmas cards. I like to select and give something for close friends lol At night, maybe I’m gonna have dinner with my family. We have special dinner like big chicken or Christmas cake or something like that. Also, this year, I want to talk with them a lot because I have many things to tell them about this precious life in Hawaii.

      Sakura! You were good leader! Thank you so much ^-^

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