Making Quizlet Sets

Creating a Quizlet Set for your Class

1) Go to our Quizlet page [ Rick’s 332R ] and log in to your Quizlet account.

(If you have not created a Quizlet account and joined our Quizlet page, do this now)

2) Click the Create button at the top of the page.

3) In the Set Title box, write  332R XXX’s 1st Set (XXX = your name), like this:

332R Rick’s 1st Set  

( In the Subjects box, you can write this: ESL Reading. )

4) For the Visible to option, select certain classes, and click the box for Rick’s 332R.

5) For the Editors option, select just me.

6) Under the Choose a language box, click English. Do this on the left and right.

Now, you are ready to enter your first words and definitions.

7. In the left box, you will type the new word.

8. In the right box, you will type an example sentence (or definition).

9. When you are finished adding new words and example sentences,

always click Create Set or Save at the bottom, on the right.

10) When you want to add words or edit the words or definitions in your set,

click on your set and go to the bottom of the page.

11) Click on the box that says Add or remove terms from this set


If you have any questions, please ask Rick.


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