Panda Reading Circle

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11 thoughts on “Panda Reading Circle

  1. Comprehension Questions
    1. What did Roese and colleagues discover from their analysis?
    2. Why regrets involving love do rankle more than those related to less intimate choices such as dropping out of college or quitting a job?

    Discussion Questions
    1. Do you feel regrets these days?
    2. What is your most memorable regrets or fight with your friends or family?

    remorse: deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed
    outnumber: be more numerous than
    deep-seated: firmly established at a deep or profound
    rankle: cause continuing annoyance or resentment

    • 1. I feel regret after I eat french fries. You know what French Fries have too much oil and frozen food. It does not have any nutrition but I do not why I really like it. I know it is not good for my health that is why I regret.

  2. CQs
    1. How many people did cooperate with this research?
    2. According to this research, what is the more intense a regret?

    1. Do you agree with this opinion, “life’s most intense regrets center around personal relationships, not careers”?
    2. If you regret what you did, can you change your mind sooner or not?

    1. Prioritizing (v.): to make something the most important thing in a group.
    2. Sibling (n.): a brother or sister of someone.

  3. CQ1: How many adults was asked by Roses and her colleagues?
    CQ2: By What is reported that love regrets outnumbered work regrets by more than 2 to 1?

    DQ1: Do you have some good memories of Valentine’s day?
    DQ2: When do you feel regrect?

    comparing [uncountable] the process of comparing two or more people or things [↪ compare, comparative]
    re‧veal [transitive] to make known something that was previously secret or unknown

  4. Discussion Question as final activity
    In order not to regret, what do you want to do in Hawaii before going back Japan?

    Thank you for tour cooperating. I enjoyed reading circle.

  5. I want to challenge many things which I can’t do in Japan. This week, I’ll do Skidiving and Honolulu Marathon. Those are my first time to do, I really want to enjoy both! How about you?

    Thank you, Hayami! I really enjoyed this topic. Also, watching TED helped me much. That was a good idea 😀

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