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  1. comprehension questions
    1. what is a Haiyan?
    2.How many storms do make landfall on average?

    discussion question
    1. What can other countries do when a country had a big disaster?
    2. What do you think how long it take for the town or city revival?

    1. tragedy: a very sad event, that shocks people because it involves death
    2. barrel: to move very fast, especially in an uncontrolled way

    • discussion answer
      1. Other countries which have enough power to aid should aid a country suffering from disaster. If some of them don’t aid, not doing so seems to be contrary to humanity, and causes decrease of their international presence.

    • discussion answer
      2. I think it takes long time to revive the town or city. Because so many houses were suffered from the typhoon, at first, resucue parties have to provide foods, clothes, and daily necessities for victims. After that, rescue parties can start to revive the city or town.

  2. comprehension questions
    1. What is the difference between typhoons and hurricanes?
    2.The U.S. army arrived the Philippines and begun to aid. What is needed in the Philippines for aid?

    discussion question
    1. What will come after other problems, when such a disaster occured?
    2. How can we prepare for a disaster?

    1. reel: to be confused or shocked by a situation
    2. devastation: to damege something very badly or completely

    • discussion answer
      2. We cannot prevent disaster, because disaster causes so huge physical damage, I think. If we can prepare for disaster, we can just prepare for after disaster. Deciding meeting place with family after disaster is one of things we can prepare before disaster.

    • discussion answer
      2. I think we can prepare something; for instance, keeping emergency provisions, deciding evacuation routes and places, or something like that. however, most people who have not experienced such disaster do not have a sense of crisis, i think. in fact, i also do not have such sense. when we had a small earthquake, i just sit on my chair. I did not do anything. i just waited for that the earthquake died down. i think it is difficult that all people prepare for disasters.

  3. comprehension questions
    1. What is difference between typhoon and hurricane?
    2. What country sent aid there?

    discussion question
    1. Do you want to live in a country such as the Philippines, which is hit by strong typhoon or hurricane?
    2. How was your experience of a natural calamity?

    1. reel: to be confused or shocked by a situation
    2. devastation: damage something very badly or completely

    • Sorry!
      1. How strong is typhoon?

      1. barrel: to move very fast, especially in an uncontrolled way
      2. unprecedented: never having happened before, or never having happened so much

    • discussion answer
      2.i have experienced the Great Hanshin and Awaji Earthquake when i was very young, so i did not remember anything. also, Japanese had Tohoku earthquake and tsunami a few years ago. it made people sad and feel worse. i could not believe what was happened when i watched news. i was really surprised.

  4. vocabulary:

    function: the purpose that something has, or the job that someone or something does.
    shelter: to provide a place where someone or something is protected, especially from the weather or from danger.

    comprehension questions:
    1- how many people died because of the storm?
    2-What is typhoon ?

    discussion questions:
    1- Did you have the same experience before? If not what is your feelings about it?
    2- If you are the president what kind of decisions you’ll make to make people feel good?

    • discussion answer
      2. If I were president, I will prepare counselors for victims. It is because people feel a lot of stress of their situation. They feel sadness about a sense of loss. For example, some people lost their family, friends, house and many things. Also, people were socked at their ecperience and the sight. So I think counselors are needed by the victims and they will make people feel better.

  5. Final Activity

    discussion question
    When the diaster happened in Japan in 2010, a lot of money that people want to help victims was collected. However some of them were not used for victims. For example, the money was used for a government work by a self-governing body which was not related to victims directly. How do you think about this? How do you think proper way of using these money?

    • I think all of the money didn’t have to be used for things relating to the victims directly, so it was no problem, I think. I don’t have any details, but the use of money to other things not relating to the victims directly is also related to the victims indirectly, I think. Proper way to use the money is to let residents know about effects of the use, if governments have proper reasons of the use.

    • in my impression, it is pretty bad because people’s desires would not come true, and the money would be wasted. the money should be used for victims. however, i think government needs to use the money for their future; it means “indirectly,” i think. disaster stops at once, but revival takes long long time. so government has to think about how they spend money for present or the future. it is very difficult decision i think. also, my friend has interesting opinion about victims of the earthquake in Japan. she told to me that people did not make effort for revival because they could get money or supply, and they depended on supporting or helping from other area. they were just waiting for the supporting. also, she said that when Japan had other big earthquake in 1995, the cities were rebuild faster then this time in 2010. it is because the people who lives in the area which had big damage had continued their effort for revival. it shows it is not good to give victims lots of money easily.

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