Reading Circles Information

What are reading circles?

  • Reading Circles are an enjoyable form of reading practice. In Reading Circles, a leader chooses an interesting article for his or her group and makes a list of valuable vocabulary words from the article. The leader also finds and shares a few websites that have helpful information about the topic of the article. Meanwhile, all the members in the Reading Circle group make comprehension questions and discussion questions. Everyone reads the article, the leader makes sure that everyone understands the article, and the leader helps to maintain an interesting discussion about the topic. Everyone shares opinions and facts about the topic, and everyone participates in the discussion, mostly online, but also in class meetings.

What is the Reading Circle (RC) Schedule?

  • Over the weekend (or at any time before his or her week as RC leader), the RC leader chooses an interesting article, asks Rick to make sure that the article is a good article for the RC group, makes a list of several important vocabulary words from the article, and finds 2 or more websites or other texts with helpful information about the topic. The RC leader will bring these to class on Monday morning (or email these to Rick before class on Monday morning).
  • On Monday, Rick posts a link for the article on the group’s RC page on the class website. Rick also posts the vocabulary list and links for the helpful websites/texts. For homework on Mondays, the group members read the article and write 2 comprehension questions and 2 discussion questions, and post these four questions to the group’s RC page on the class website. The RC leader should post three comprehension questions.
  • On Tuesday morning, in-class at HELP, the group members meet and answer the comprehension questions, and the RC leader makes sure that everyone has the correct answers. The RC leader makes sure that his or her group members understand the article. So, the RC leader must read the article very carefully.
  • On Tuesday evening, everyone responds to 2 discussion questions on the group’s RC page on the class website. RC group members cannot respond to their own discussion questions, and they must respond to a discussion question from two different group members.
  • On Wednesday, the RC leader brings additional questions for discussion; also, he or she may bring a new (short) text or video or photograph for the group to see and study (if so, he or she must bring his or her own computer or iPhone, etc).
  • On Thursday, for homework, the RC group posts its final thoughts to the the group’s RC page on the class website.

What is a good discussion question?

What is a good comprehension questions?


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