Ghost Stories

It’s Halloween! 

Let’s enjoy some scary stories!








11 thoughts on “Ghost Stories

  1. The Death Car

    It was a cold rainy day of September George and Marie Winston were driving to a party that night, when they hear on the radio that there is a serious killer who ran away from jail. Suddenly, the car broken, and they had to stop on the side of the road. George told his wife that he will try to get someone to help them, and she decided to stay in the car, after a while she saw someone behind the car, he was the killer. He killed the husband and ran away.

  2. The Choking Dog
    Joanne had planned to leave work early this afternoon, to give herself a chance to relax before going out to a meeting of her local tennis club. She got home late to find her dog sick, so she called the doctor to come over to see the dog, she asked the doctor to take care of her dog while she goes to her room and change her clothes for the meeting, after one min the doctor call her and said you have to leave the house right now, she left the house and saw the police car outside with the doctor, he said there is someone inside the house and your dog attacked him early.

  3. The Carpet Fitter
    Eddie was a carpet fitter, and he hated it because no one appreciated his work. One hot day of August he was working at Mrs.Vanbrugh’s house, and he was trying to finish early because he had to play a game with his local team. He went outside the house to have a cigarette, suddenly his new pack of cigarette disappeared, but it did’t because he saw it under the new carpet. He to the hammer to try get his pack. Mrs. Vanbrugh missed her bird, and she asked him about it ‘no madam I didn’t see it’ he said. When he tried to see what under the carpet he saw the dead bird!

  4. The Death Car

    The guy and girl were driving at night. They heard the news from the radio, which was about escaped prisoner. Suddenly, the car was broken down and he got out of the car to find someone. the girl stayed in the car and slept. In the next morning, the police arrived and told her to get of the car, because her husband’s body was hanging in the tree above the tree.

  5. The Choking Dog

    A woman named Joanne was in a rush. She got home and saw that her dog was not feeling well. She immediately took him to the vet. The vet said it would take ten minutes, so Joanne went home to change. The vet called her as soon as she got home and told her to get out of the house. The police arrived soon after and found that the three fingers that her dog had been choking on belonged to a burglar that had been in the house.

  6. The Carpet Fitter

    Eddie was a carpet laying guy. No one appreciated his job. One day at the end of an assignment he wanted to smoke. He thought a lump under the fitted carpet was his pack of cigarettes, so instead of taking the carpet out he just smashed the lump with a hammer. The lady of the house came out and asked where her bird was. Eddie found his cigarettes and realized the lump he smashed was the bird.

  7. The Choking Dog

    Joanne was in a hurry to join tennis club meeting. When she came back home from the office, her dog was sick. Then, she took her dog to an animal hospital, and there seemed to be something in her throat. Joanne went backed house to change her clothes once when the phone rang. It was the doctor and he told her to go out house quickly. After that, the police came and entered her house. In her house, there was a burglar. The thing sin the dog’s throat were human fingers, that’s way the doctor knew that.

  8. The Carpet Fitter

    Eddie is a carpet fitter. One day, he worked at a rich woman’ house. When he finished his work and tried to smoke, he realized that the cigarette was not in his pocket. Then, he detected the lump under the carpet. It takes long time to fit the carpet again, so he decided to flat that lump with a hammer. After he done, the rich women said that she missed her bird. In his van, he found his cigarette. Actually the lump was not his cigarette but her bird.

  9. The Choking Dog
    Joanne are going to a meeting of the tennis club. She didn’t have more time to do anything. When she go back her house, she see her dog named Sheba was sick. She pick her up to see a doctor. Her dog seemed to be coughing or choking. The doctor said that something was stuck in her throat. Then Joanne go back her house to join a meeting. When she arrived her house, the doctor call her. The doctor ask her leave her house immediately. When she leaves her house, she saw the police car stop outside her house. The doctor said that one men inside her house then her dog bite his three fingers.

  10. The Carpet Fitter
    Eddie was a carpet fitter. In August, he worked in Rich Mrs. Vanbrugh who changed her carpets every year. These day he wants to go back home early because he began to day-dream about the weekend, about the Saturday football game. When he almost done, he saw the lump. He thinks that is his new packet of Marlboro. He try to hide this lump. After he hide the lump, Mrs. Vanbrugh say that she lose her bird. When Eddie go back his car, he saw his new packet of Marlboro. Then he can’t image what’s lump in the carpet. He felt rather sick.

  11. The Choking Dog
    Joanna has to hurry up to meet clients. However,when she goes back home, her dog looks so sick. So she takes him to the animal hospital.Then, when she is going to come back home again, a doctor of the animal hospital calls her and tells her not to approach her house. Althogh she feels strange, she goes to home. She sees policemen entering her house.Also she sees a burglar who looks so pale. A doctor says her that three fingers from stomach of her dog appear. Her dog bites a burglar in the finger.

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